Kingdom Calendar of Events

The Kingdom Calendar of Events is the Kingdom of Calontir's listing of official SCA events where all forms of official SCA business may be conducted. The Kingdom Reeve maintains the calendar and submits it for publication in the Mews, Calontir's Kingdom newsletter, and online. The calendar that is published in the Mews is the official copy of the Kingdom Calendar of Events. Any discrepancies between the electronic version of any information on this site and the version published in the Mews will be decided in favor of the published version in the Mews.

To add an event to the Kingdom Calendar of Events and have it posted online the following guidelines must be met:

  1. Submit it to the Kingdom Reeve ( The Mews cannot print an event announcement for an event that has not been approved by the Reeve.

  2. A complete event announcement must be published in The Mews prior to the event. Contact the Kingdom Chronicler ( ) for more information.

  3. Fill out an Event Flyer Submission form. This can be done either online or via hard-copy.

  4. IMPORTANT - Please do not forget this step.

    Send your link to the Kingdom Webminister ( Once your date is confirmed and your flyer has been approved by your group seneschal, get it online! Please note: The Kingdom Webminister cannot link to your event flyer or Web page if your event date has not been approved by the Kingdom Reeve. See Step 1.

Events in italic AND bold are Royal events - no other official event can conflict.

Out-of-Kingdom events have a yellow background.

Calontir Crown Tournament & Coronation Bid System - For your edification, this page includes a list of the Crown and Coronation Kingdom events that are “available” for bids for the next three years. Check here to see if a bid has been received by the Kingdom Reeve or if a bid has been accepted

Event dates more than six months in the future may be tentative and subject to change.

Historical Event Calendar

Kingdom Calendar
Date Event Group Site Location Royal Progress Additional Notes
  • King attending King  
  • Queen attending Queen  
  • Prince attending Prince  
  • Princess attending Princess  
  • Event Confirmation Pending Event Confirmation Pending
April 2015 (A.S. XLIX)
01 May Mews Deadline
04-05 Spring Spears Calanais Nuadh Rolla, MO King attending Queen attending HL Richard DeBleys to be elevated to the Order of Chivalry

Kingdom A&S

Kingdom A&S Flyer

Wyvern Cliffe Jefferson City, MO

Order of the Laurel Meeting

Silver Hammer Meeting

Kingdom A&S 2016 Bids Due — April 11th
15 1st Quarter Reports due

Ceilidh Website

Dun Ard Leavenworth, KS  
25-26 Melon Wars Flinthyll Burlington, IA King attending Queen attending  
25-26 Roman Fun and Games Vatavia Wichita, KS  
May 2015 (A.S. L)
01 June Mews Deadline
02-03 War College Amlesmore Hallsville, MO King attending Queen attending  
02-03 Social Event Axed Root Ames, IA
09-10 Event Deodar Cedar Rapids, IA  
09-10 St. George & the Dragon Oakheart Springfield, MO Event Confirmation Pending
16-17 Melees & Mayhem Crescent Moon Topeka, KS King attending Queen attending HL Matsunaga Kagetora to be elevated to the Order of Chivalry
23-24 Tournament of Horse & Falcons Forgotten Sea Kansas City, MO King attending Queen attending  
30-31 Unslung Heroes Aston Tor E Jackson County, MO
June 2015 (A.S. L)
01 July Mews Deadline
13-14 Lilies War Calontir Lilies Site - Smithville, MO King attending Queen attending  
20-21 Lilies War Calontir Lilies Site - Smithville, MO King attending Queen attending  
26-28 Known World Heraldic and Scribal Symposium East Kingdom Toronto, ON, Canada
July 2015 (A.S. L)
01 August Mews Deadline
11-12 Summer Coronation Lonely Tower Omaha, NE King attending Queen attending  
Summer 2016 Coronation Bids Due — July 11th
15 2nd Quarter Reports due
18-19 CalonCon Event Confirmation Pending
25-26 Feast of Eagles Cúm An Iolair South Johnson County, KS Event Confirmation Pending
August 2015 (A.S. L)
01 September Mews Deadline
01-02 Pennsic Aethelmearc Slippery Rock, PA
08-09 Pennsic Aethelmearc Slippery Rock, PA
15-16 Heraldshill Event Heraldshill Mason City, IA
22-23 Cattle Raids Mag Mor Lincoln, NE  
29-30 The Siege of Seville Standing Stones/Wyvern Cliffe Columbia, MO
29-30 Crystal Mynes hosts Cranach's Obsession Crystal Mynes Joplin, MO
September 2015 (A.S. L)
01 October Mews Deadline
05-06 Valor Vatavia Wichita, KS Event Confirmation Pending
12-13 King’s Company of Archers Event Confirmation Pending
19-20 Queen’s Prize Tournament Event Confirmation Pending
Queen’s Prize Tournament 2016 Bids Due — September 19th
26-27 Gryphon’s Fest Three Rivers St. Louis, MO Event Confirmation Pending
26-27 Event Deodar Cedar Rapids, IA Event Confirmation Pending
October 2015 (A.S. L)
01 November Mews Deadline
03-04 Autumn Arrows Calanais Nuadh Rolla, MO Event Confirmation Pending
10-11 Fall Crown Mag Mor Lincoln, NE  
Fall 2016 Crown Bids Due — October 10th
15 3rd Quarter Reports due
17-18 Vertigo Lost Moor St. Joseph, MO
24-25 Regional Fighter Practice 2015 Axed Root Ames, IA
November 2015 (A.S. L)
01 December Mews Deadline
07-08 Event Coeur d'Ennui Des Moines, IA
21-22 Toys for Tots Wyvern Cliffe Jefferson City, MO Event Confirmation Pending
December 2015 (A.S. L)
01 January Mews Deadline
05 Feast Day of the Founders
12-13 Kris Kinder Forgotten Sea Kansas City, MO

If your group has an online event flyer please send the URL to the Kingdom Webminister ( If you would like to have an online flyer for a Calontir event but need space to host it, there is room on the Kingdom server. Please contact the Kingdom Webminister ( and she will assist you.